Tuition fee €8,250 per programme
Application fee €207 one-time

this fee will be used for your residence permit or visa

Dormitory fee

  • Housing fee C-single – €3,151
  • Housing fee C-double – €2,837
  • Housing fee P-single – €4,154
  • Housing fee P-double – €2,987

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Maastricht, the Netherlands, forms a unique environment for studying psychology and neuroscience. Maastricht University (UM) specialises in cognitive and biological psychology and its unique research infrastructure enables groundbreaking study of the brain and behaviour. It is home to a European Centre of Excellence that combines state-of-the-art technology (three MRI scanners of 9.4, 7 and 3 Tesla) with clinical know-how, access to patients and expert post-acquisition processing of data.